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We pride ourselves in the ability to provide ideal and excellent accommodations for those seeking a place for home outside the typical standard hotel room. Our availability for booking is a minimum of 2 days and up to 28 days. If you would like and require a space for more than 28 days, we strongly suggest utilizing our corporate leasing options for an even better stay.

The flexibility of our short-term rentals and corporate leasing is unmatched and convenient for you! Book with us and stay at our place and we know you’ll love it. Our properties can be found on VrBo and Airbnb.

We offer corporate housing! We provide a cozy, professional place for those persons who are, indeed, moving for work (short-term obligations or contract). Similar to our short term rental properties, our corporate housing is just as excellent.  Our budget-friendly properties are a great option for people in search of a comfortable, fully furnished place.

We can also accommodate families and business travelers as well. Rest assured and know you’ll be comfortable in a roomy and luxurious setting worthy of time and dedication to your work. 


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